Insta Pro APK Download, Instagram Pro Updated Android Version 10.70

App NameInstaPro
DevelopersSam Mods
Size71 MB
Last Update07 April
RequiresAndroid 5.0+
Rating4.9 ⭐
Price0 USD

Overview of Insta Pro APK Latest Version 2024

Instagram has become one of the most dominant social media platforms, with over 2 billion monthly active users. We’ve all grown reliant on scrolling feeds, sharing stories, and connecting visually. Most of the fantastic features of the official Instagram app that allow deep customization and access to more content are locked behind a paywall or unavailable.

Key features like downloading content, bulk analytics, no ads, and achieving higher reach are paused and thus unavailable to regular users. Therefore, the developer Sam Mods created the Insta Pro APK to give you the desired Instagram experience. This modded APK unlocks pro-level features for free. You can enjoy features like downloading posts, auto-like feeds, no ads, anonymous browsing, and more. Moreover, it helps you manage multiple accounts easily and gain more exposure.

APK Settings

If you want an enhanced Instagram charm with premium features, this Instagram mod is for you. This is where the InstaPro comes into play. An APK file allows Android apps to be installed outside the Google Play Store. It is a mod version of Instagram that unlocks many bonus features missing from the original app. Let’s read:

With this APK, you can transform Instagram into a social media management powerhouse, compatible with your specific needs. Anyone can benefit from its versatility, from influencers to brand marketers and small business owners to regular users. It provides the customization and performance lacking in the standard app. So, if you find the official Instagram lacking, read on to discover how the capabilities of this application can reveal Instagram’s full potential for you!

Premium Features of Instagram Pro

This mod app is a personalized version of the regular Instagram app, and it comes with extra features. Some of the most useful features that IG Pro provides include multi-account support, high-quality media uploads, automation tools, custom themes, and ad-free browsing. It unlocks many useful features not available in the official app. These premium-level features empower users to get more views, engagement, followers, and control over feeds and profiles, all while maintaining privacy.

Downloading Posts & Content

One of the most popular features this Instagram APK enables is the ability to download any Instagram posts and content you can view. This makes curating and reusing Instagram content effortless. From meme pages sharing viral posts to marketers repurposing UGC content for ads, the downloading functionality has unlimited use cases. The downloading features include:

  • Photos – Download HD photos without watermarks or removed attribution.
  • Videos – You can also save feed and IGTV videos up to 1 minute long.
  • Reels – Retrieve the latest trending reels without restrictions.
  • IGTV Videos – Get longer, up to 1 hour IGTV videos in HD.
  • Stories – View and save stories before they disappear.
  • Highlights & Archives -Extract highlights and archives from profiles.
  • Profiles – Capture full high-resolution profiles with DP, bio, tagged posts, etc.

Browsing Without Bothersome Ads

A major advantage of InstaPro APK is enjoying an ad-free Instagram experience. It removes all sponsored posts and suggested content from feeds and stories. This creates less cluttered social media browsing that concentrates only on content you care about. For influencers and business accounts trying to maximize reach, eliminating ads from the browsing experience can significantly improve engagement.

Save Content with Triple Tap

This mod app lets you download media you see in the app by triple-tapping. This saves photos, videos, or other media to your camera roll. Just triple-tap on any media, and you will get a pop-up to confirm the download to your device’s storage.

Advance Settings of Insta Pro APK

Advanced Features

Activate/Deactivate Double-Tap Interaction

You can activate or deactivate the function of liking a post by tapping on it twice. This allows you to easily like posts without tapping the heart icon. You can toggle this feature on or off in the Instagram settings.

Expand Image with Extended Tap

If you long tap/press on a photo or video post on Instagram, it will open a zoomed-in view. From that point, you can swipe or scroll to view various sections of the media with greater detail. This helps get a closer look at posts without having to open them.

Turn Off Swipe Shortcuts for Camera and DM Access

With this app, in Instagram’s settings, you can disable the shortcuts to open the cameras or direct messages normally activated by swiping. This will prevent accidentally opening those features while scrolling through posts. It disables the shortcuts for convenience.

Save Your Story with Background Music

This Instagram mod APK allows you to download stories with music through the archive feature. It lets you save your story with the music intact to your camera roll. You can then repost it later without having to add the music again.

Comparison with the Official Instagram App

Installation Guide: How to Install

Installing Sam Mod Instagram on your Android device is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few quick steps. Let’s discuss in detail:

Finding a Trustworthy Download Source

There is a concern with Android APK files, you must download them from a credible and safe source. Many APK download sites contain malware, spam, and outdated versions of InstaPro. For the official APK file, only use the verified developer-approved site. The latest working version can always be found at their official domain and on our site. We guarantee you get the most up-to-date version directly from the creators without risk or tampering. All APK files at the official creator site or trusted third-party websites like ours, are virus-scanned and safe to install.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide
  • Enable “Unknown Sources”: Head into Settings > Security and enable the “Unknown Sources” option. This enables installing applications from sources other than the Google Play Store.
How to Install
  • Go to “File Manager“: After enabling the unknown resources, go to the file manager folder in your Android smartphone and locate the “APK” folder.
InstaPro Download
  • Tap to Install: Tap the downloaded APK. This will initialize the Android Package Installer, verifying and unpacking the file.
APK Installation Guide
  • Finalize Install: On the last install screen, tap “Install” to launch the Insta Pro APK. Once the file is downloaded, exit the installer. The mod is now ready to use.
How to Install

Login and Getting Started

Open the freshly installed new version of the app from the phone’s home screen or app drawer. Upon launch, an Instagram login screen will appear. You can sign in using the login details of your current Instagram account. Use the same username and password as your original Instagram account. Once logged in, the app will sync all data related to your account. You’re then free to start exploring all the unlocked features of the Insta Pro app!

InstaPro Login

Additional Features & User Guide

To take full advantage of all the bonus features in this mod APK, users should adjust a few necessary settings before starting. Here is a user guide of the desired settings.

Downloading Photos, Videos, and Posts

As I told you earlier, one of the most popular features of this APK is the ability to download any Instagram content you can access. This includes full-resolution versions of the following:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • IGTV Videos
  • Reels
  • Stories
  • Highlights
  • Profile Picture
Download Stories

To save anything you view in the feed or stories to your device storage, tap the downward arrow icon on posts. Tap the three vertical dot menu on profiles, highlights, and IGTVs to access the download option. Everything will be saved to a folder titled “Insta Pro Downloads” in your local storage. Photos are saved without any compression, watermarks, or username tags. In addition, IGTV and reels are downloaded in their original quality up to 1 hour long. Stories are even saved before their 24-hour expiry.

Moreover, if you are a PC user and want to run this application on your PC, a window’s version of InstaPro is also available on our website. Go and download the APK and enjoy the same experience on the big screen.

Managing Infinite Accounts

Juggling multiple Instagram accounts on one mobile device is difficult, but this updated version makes the process seamless. You can easily add infinite accounts under one profile and quickly switch between them. The latest version supports adding and switching infinite accounts under one profile. This is perfect for handling personal plus business pages and client accounts. To add new accounts:

  • Tap your profile pic in the bottom right.
  • Tap “Add new account”.
  • Log in with the additional account’s username and password.
Manage Multiple Accounts

All added accounts will now show under the profile section. Tap any account thumbnail to seamlessly switch between them. The toolbar profile icon will display which account is currently active.

Browsing Incognito

If you wish to check Instagram anonymously without activity traces, activate “Ghost Mode” under the profile button menu. This makes your online status invisible and hides read receipts and typing indicators. Your profile and activities will remain private while browsing the app. Disable incognito whenever you wish to interact publicly again.

Browse Incognito

Analytics and Insights

This Instagram mod version now offers analytics for professional accounts, allowing you to better understand your follower engagement and content performance. To view in-depth statistics, go to your profile and tap the new Analytics tab. Scroll through detailed charts tracking your followers’ growth, demographics, top posts, ideal posting times based on your audience engagement, and much more.

Unfollower Tracker

Analytics surfaces the content that resonates best with current followers while revealing areas to refine or improve as you grow your Instagram presence. Check back often on the analytics dashboard to continuously adapt and improve based on the latest audience data. Moreover, this version includes an unfollow tracker. Now you can see who unfollowed you.

60-Second Story Feature

Furthermore, this APK has expanded stories from 15 to 60 seconds, allowing you to share longer videography and content. To post a multi-clip story, select the story camera and tap to record multiple clips up to 60 seconds. Remember to toggle off the sound icon in settings if you don’t want audio. To view friends’ stories hands-free, enable hands-free. Once posted, stories are saved to your archive if you ever want to re-share a past story.

Hide Your Followers

Balancing privacy and convenience is key to a positive Instagram experience. Start by visiting your profile’s privacy settings. Hiding your follower list and reviewing story viewers give you more control, limiting exposure. You can also restrict tags and mentions to followers only for an extra layer of protection.

Multiple Customized Themes

Finding through a range of pre-designed themes provides a simple way to display your individuality. Selecting a color theme that matches your aesthetic allows you to change the entire interface of the app to reflect your personal brand creatively. You can customize the look of the Instagram Pro app in Settings > Theme. Browse through and select from over 20 creative premade color themes that alter the entire app’s icons, colors, and typography for a fresh look.

Extended Bio Info

The Extended Bio lets you fully describe what makes you or your brand unique. By increasing the bio’s character limits and enabling paragraph breaks and multiple URLs, you can craft a customized profile overview that resonates with your target audience. For that, tap “Edit Profile”, then expand your bio by adding paragraphs, more contact methods, multiple URLs using line breaks, and expanded text capacity up to 5 times more than default limits.

Save Data Mode

Enable this battery-saving mode in app settings. It stops auto-playing videos, preloads media only on Wifi, disables read receipts, and reduces image quality to decrease mobile data and battery drain.

Enable HD Quality for Uploading Stories

When uploading Instagram Stories, enable the “Use HD Video” setting to store clips in higher 1080p resolution rather than compressed 720p files. This keeps quick videos crisp when shared across devices. You can also adjust auto-play preferences so videos reliably play as intended.

Select the “Always Start My Videos with Sound” option to automatically have audio accompany clips instead of short muting to start. Turn on “Continuously Play My Instagram Stories” to transition smoothly between your content rather than importing friends’ random stories mid-viewing.

Restrict Comments

Another amazing feature of this APK is “Restrict Comments”. This tool creates a positive community on your posts by automatically filtering toxic language. Blacklisting offensive terms, spam phrases, or bullying handles allows you to focus discussion on constructive feedback and meaningful conversations.

To enable this feature, go to “Advanced Settings”, then enter keywords, spam terms, phrases, or handles you want automatically filtered from your posts’ comments section.

Troubleshooting Problems with Instagram Pro

Users may encounter glitches with the Insta Pro APK like any mod software. Here are solutions for some frequently occurring problems and their solutions:

Login Errors

If you’re facing authorization issues or multi-factor authentication problems while logging into your accounts, try logging in to refresh tokens. Also, ensure you use the correct main/alternative Instagram username and password combinations.

Fix Login Issue

Buggy Performance

Being a modified APK, some device incompatibility bugs may cause lagging feeds or stall performance. Try reinstalling the app cleanly after a phone reboot to refresh memory allocation. Also, install updated versions as soon as they are available.

Safety & Security Concerns

Modded applications carry inherent security risks. Ensure you only download the InstaPro 24 from the official verified developer source or a trusted website like ours. Never install APKs from unverified third-party sites to avoid malware. Also, beware of fake imposter mods.

Account Block/Ban Issue

While rare, Instagram can detect suspicious activity and ban accounts using third-party mods by detecting custom API signatures. To reduce ban risk, avoid excessive automation, and always use the latest version with appropriate cooling-off periods between actions.

Recover Disabled Account

With patience, you can resolve most problems that may arise. But being a modified APK, Proinsta cannot guarantee flawless performance and stability like an official app. Tradeoffs exist between customizability and reliability. Manage expectations accordingly.

System Requirements to Install APK

Pros & Cons of Application

Like with any mod software, this APK has its advantages and disadvantages compared to the official Instagram app. Let’s weigh them side-by-side.

The Pros

  • Unlocks premium features free – Content download, automation tools, analytics insights, etc., without paying.
  • Ad-free experience – Browse feeds and stories without irritating sponsored posts and distractions.
  • Multitasking power – Support for multiple accounts removes constant logging in and out.
  • Increased efficiency – Automation frees up time spent manually liking and commenting.
  • Limitless customization – From themes to gestures and more personalization options.
  • Hassle-free downloading – Seamlessly download any post, story, IGTV, reel, or profile to device storage.
  • Privacy control – Incognito mode and anti-ban protections keep the account safe.

The Cons

  • Stability issues – Modded software can be buggy and have slower performance.
  • Breach risks – Sharing personal data with non-official developers.
  • Instagram bans – Violating Terms of Service risks account limitation or blocking.
  • Lacking support – No official assistance for mod version issues.
  • Virus & malware chances – Installing unsafe APK files from unknown sources.
  • Legality doubts – Using software with unofficial changes may raise concerns.
  • Update delays – Slower to receive the latest patches and features.

Carefully considering both the upsides and downsides that accompany installing mod APK allows making an informed choice whether the boost in capabilities merits the tradeoffs involved. For most seeking Instagram unlocking, the pros seem to overshadow the cons.

InstaPro Vs. Other Instagram Mod APKs

Instagram Pro faces stiff competition from other modified Instagram apps like Instander, GBInstagram, and InstaUltra that came before it. But how exactly does this version set itself apart and compare to the rest?

Instander pioneered ultra-smooth performance not bogged down by ads plus seeing who viewed your full profile. GBInstagram focused on theme customization and high media download limits, while InstaUltra’s original claim to fame was downloading Instagram stories.

This Pro application combines the best aspects of its predecessors, like ad-free smooth scrolling and unlimited downloading capacity. But it goes several steps further for true all-round utility.

Where the others can only log in to one account, Pro Instagram supports easy multi-account management under one hub. Handling client socials along with personal profiles is finally achievable. Furthermore, automation technology also reaches new heights in this APK with smart auto liking based on hashtags and locations. This provides effortless audience expansion overnight by tapping trends. No other mod provides an equally formidable collection of premium features outside paid advertising tools to date.


Instander sets itself apart by being the first to create an ad-free, ultra-smooth scrolling experience not interrupted by disruptive ads. It also introduced the ability to see who viewed your Instagram profile; to gain insight into followers.

GB Instagram

GB Instagram focused its efforts on deep theme customization, allowing users to adapt the look and feel of their feed. It also stood out for providing extra high media download limits compared to the standard Instagram app.


InstaUltra’s original unique selling point was the capability to download Instagram stories, which were previously only temporary. This enabled saving interesting or important stories for future reference.

Comparison Table with Other Mods

As you can see, Insta Pro APK offers the most well-rounded set of enhanced features compared to other popular modded Instagram apps. Key bonuses like scheduled posting, custom themes, and downloadable content make it stand out as a top choice.

Changelog – What’s New in the Updated Version?

The following changes have been made in the updated version since 7 April 2024.

  • 319. base updated.
  • Channels are enabled in the new version.
  • Now, you have the settings icon in the header.
  • Anti-delete messages have been added for better privacy.
  • The button for the message sent has been fixed for user convenience.
  • There was a glitch in the reel downloading feature, which was fixed in the current version.
  • Overall, many little features have been added for a better user experience, and few crashes have been fixed.
  • In previous versions, there was no share button added to the post. The new version has added a share button feature in the post.

Wrapping It Up

The Insta Pro APK delivers an excellent Instagram experience for Android users without the limitations of the platform’s native app, with special access to premium tools for effortless content downloading, automation, analytics, multi-accounting, ad-free browsing, and modern customizations, power belongs to users.

Whether you’re an influencer, brand, marketer, business owner, or casual mobile scroller, no other mod puts greater Instagram control at your fingertips. Improving your IG presence is simple by getting the app’s unused features that are unavailable in regular tiers. Although there are some small bugs, the added functions make Instagram Pro much better and give Instagram more potential.

Ready to take the next step? Download this updated version to awaken a supremely advanced Instagram client and transform how you leverage IG without arbitrary paywalls or platform barriers getting in the way. The ultimate Instagram now lies in your control.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, when downloaded from verified developer sources instead of unknown third-party sites. The official site ensures the latest versions without any malware or viruses.

Potentially, yes, if you overuse built-in automation features violating Instagram’s policies. Use all tools in moderation with delays added. No confirmed bans exist just for installation, though.

First, check for enough device storage space and that your Android OS version meets the minimum requirements for compatibility. Disable Play Protect if blocking the APK. Reboot the device and reinstall the latest version if problems continue.

It unlocks access to premium features like no ads, mass downloading capability, incognito mode, multi-accounts, automation, etc., which are missing or paid-only in the native app.

Core functionality like messaging, filters, etc, all remain the same. Only value-add pro tools are added on top. Some less popular native options may not be supported after migration, though.