GB Instagram Download APK Latest Version (6.0) For Android 2024

GB Instagram

Key Information About Latest Version 2024

What is GB Instagram APK?

Just like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is a famous social media official app used worldwide. People share their daily happenings, memorable moments, pictures, and other content. It is used by both celebrities and ordinary people as well. It’s getting more popular over time, and people who are working on YouTube are shifting to this app as well. The reason for this popularity is its easy-to-use interface and enhanced security.

However, this enhanced security puts certain limitations on using this social media platform. Users can’t download any pictures, videos, or stories that they like. For such users, Sam Mod has developed GB Instagram APK to perform all the actions they can’t perform in the official version. You can gauge the popularity of this modded version from its monthly Google searches, which exceed 50,000 to download this amazing app. Download the latest version and find out how much freedom you can have with this GB Instagram Pro APK.

Instagram GB

It is the modified version of the official Instagram App for Android devices. Just like other Instagram mods such as the InstaPro 2 application, it is packed with additional features by changing the codes of the standard application empowering users to run their Instagram account without fear of any restrictions.

Official app imposes restrictions if you perform activities considered breaches of security. This is a highlighted security feature of Instagram; however, it also annoys users when their accounts are frequently suspended. With this unofficial APK, we can copy and download posts, pictures, and stories from other accounts, translate other languages into our native language, get a full-screen preview, and many more exciting features discussed in the upcoming section.

Significant Features of GB Instagram Plus

This APK offers several features, including downloading media files, hiding view story, taking screenshots, auto-translator, customized account appearance, limited audience, post preview, copying bio, status, and caption, getting zoom profile pictures, and anti-ban functionality. Here is a detailed overview of all the features:

Key Features

Downloading Media Files

Instagram is a fun platform where people upload various types of content. We can see the daily happenings of people in their stories. By watching their videos and posts, we get to know about the moments important to them. Unfortunately, we can’t download any content clicked to us due to Instagram’s imposed restrictions.  Bypass all these limitations and download your favorite content with this modified APK by Sam Mods. With this version, you can download your favorite media with just one click and you don’t need to rush to third-party tools like Instagram video downloader and more.

Anonymous Activities

On social media, some people want privacy and anonymity. Many of us often want to view others’ stories without them knowing, but Instagram displays everyone who watches the story in the viewer list. Now, you can hide your account from being visible in the list even while viewing others’ stories by activating the ghost mode of this application.


This mod feature is of significant functionality for users running businesses through Instagram. They can learn about their followers and other users by viewing their stories and posts. However, it becomes challenging if the stories and posts are in another language. The standard app can translate stories into English, but no translation is available for posts. You can overcome this limitation with the built-in translator feature of this mod app.

Customized Account Appearance

Instagram’s interface is known for its simplicity and you can switch between day and night modes. However, Instagram GB has next-level customization features with a wide range of themes of various styles and designs. You can personalize your account appearance by applying your preferred theme. Additionally, you can further customize them by adjusting colors and designs according to your choice.

Post Preview

Another common problem that Instagram users often face is publishing their posts without previewing them. Later, they need to amend or delete them if they find any mistakes after posting. The post preview feature of this Mod APK saves time by letting them preview their post and see how they will be visible to others.

Copy Bio, Status, and Caption

The bio is written on the face of any Instagram account and it gives visitors a brief overview of your account. With GB’s excellent features, you can copy the attractive bio of any account, as well as the status and comments under any post.

Anti-Ban APK

Since third-party APK files are created by altering the code of the official apps, they’re susceptible to bans. But not the case with this version, it has an anti-ban feature that makes it secure and we can call it GB transparent Instagram because this mod completely follows the legal guidelines for altering the app.

Take Screenshots

As we are discussing the limitations of the official version, here is another limitation, when someone shares a picture in “view once” mode during the chat. That picture disappears once we view it. After the new update in 2024, we can take a screenshot of the image without letting the sender know about it. Similarly, we can take screenshots during a video call as well. This will give great confidence to its users as they can save important messages or media shared by someone. But keep in mind, always follow the platform’s official guidelines and respect the privacy of other people.

Limited Audience

This is one of my favorite features of this version; you can use this feature to restrict the visibility of your stories and posts to a limited audience. Log in to GB Insta APK to let only a select number of people view your private status or memorable moments, just like we do in WhatsApp status privacy, both for public and private accounts.

GB Instagram APK Download Method for Android

  • If you have prior experience downloading an APK file, you’ll know that before starting the Gb Instagram app download, you need to enable “Unknown Sources” by going to your Android settings.
Installation Guide
  • After that, download this mod version by clicking the download button, provided at the top of this article.
  • Once the download is complete, navigate to the download folder and tap the APK file to start the installation process.
Install gb Insta
  • After the installation is completed, log in to your GB account and enjoy the unlocked Instagram experience.

How to Update Instagram GB

You can update this Mod version for Android by clicking a notification that you receive within the app. Alternatively, you can get the updated version from the app link given on our website. Just follow the steps we’ve outlined above to download and install the new version, and you’ll always stay updated with this amazing application.

How to Change Themes In This Version?

  • After the new version download, sign up for your new GB account and go to your profile.
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner and go to the menu icon.
  • You’ll see the “Settings” option at the bottom of the menu.
  • Click on “Theme” and choose the interface of your own choice from the available options.

Pros & Cons


  • After downloading the APK, you can watch the stories anonymously without being visible in the viewer list.
  • Reduce chances of account suspension after switching to this version.
  • Download your favorite content without an external downloader.
  • It is a safe Instagram APK.
  • Enjoy customized themes of your own choice.
  • No need to delete the official app, you can use it simultaneously with the mod version.


  • The app link is not available on the Google Play store.
  • Pose security risk as this isn’t an official app.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions


GB Instagram Download is gaining popularity as a powerful modified version of official Instagram. With its plethora of features, you can use Instagram without limitations. The amazing features such as Anonymous story views, download stories and posts, copy status, and bios have enhanced its functionality. What’s more amazing, this is a free version from our secure app link, and enjoy an enhanced Insta experience with its unlocked privacy features.