Insta Pro For PC, Download Latest Version v10.70 For Windows [2024]

App NameInstaPro
PublisherSam Mods
Size71 MB
Last Update07 April
Rating4.6 ⭐
Price0 USD

About Insta Pro for PC

As the average attention span of a mobile user is gradually decreasing, demand for mobile applications to run on PCs is increasing. If you are a blogger or run an Instagram business you must have felt the need for an Instagram PC app and we have brought you one, Insta Pro for PC.

While the official Instagram app provides a robust mobile experience, users often look for different ways to enhance and improve their interaction with the platform on larger screens. The PC version of this APK emerges as a solution, promising a feature-rich Instagram experience beyond the limitations of the mobile app.

Let us see and explore the key features of this mod web application and provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to download and utilize its capabilities.

Instagram On PC

It is a third-party application designed to bring the Instagram experience to desktops and laptops. It was designed by “Sam Mods” after conducting a survey. In the survey, users were asked whether they wanted a haste-free modified version of Instagram for their PCs, and mostly voted in favor.

After receiving the green light from users, Sam Mods developed this mod application for PC to provide users with a more comprehensive and easy Instagram interface. This Instagram APK for PC goes beyond the limitations of the official web version and offers additional features and functionalities tailored for PC users. Now the question arises whether Insta Pro APK will work better on desktops or not.

How to Download & Install InstaPro on PC?

Let’s first see the process that needs to be followed to download the APK on your PC.

  • You are required to download the APK first. You will find it on this page. Make sure you are downloading the latest version.
  • Windows firewall needs to be turned off before you proceed with the downloading process.
  • Now, begin downloading the software by clicking on the ‘Download’ button which you will find on our page.
  • Once the file is downloaded safely to your computer, it is time to move to the second section, that is, installation.
  • To install the file on your computer, you will need an emulator.
  • You can use any emulator, but we suggest you use BlueStacks.
  • Download BlueStacks on your computer and open it.
  • Now open up the downloaded file using the BlueStacks emulator.
  • It will ask for permission to install the app on your computer. Grant the permission.
  • Now, let the installation process begin.
  • Once completed, your APK is ready to use.
  • Use the app through BlueStacks and enjoy the interruption-free experience of Instagram on your PC.

Although, you can simply download this application directly on your PC. However, it will not run on the computer since APK files are designed to run on Android mobile phones only. This is why to download these files on your PC, you will need to utilize an emulator. Once you have it on your computer, you can easily use any APK file on it.

Features of PC/Web Version

Coming now to the features of the PC/Web Version:

Enhanced Visual Experience

Insta Pro Window’s version optimizes the visual display for larger screens, providing users with a more immersive and enjoyable Instagram browsing experience. The larger interface ensures that photos and videos are showcased with greater clarity and detail.

Download Media and Stories on Desktop

InstaPro for PC allows you to download any media or stories on your desktop for free os cost. You can also save media, stories, and reels on your PC simply by pressing the video or image, and a download/save button will pop up on your screen.

Direct Messaging

Stay connected with your friends and followers through direct messaging on the desktop version of mod Instagram. The PC version offers the same messaging functionalities as the mobile app.

Customization Options

The desktop version provides users with additional customization options. It allows them to personalize their Instagram experience. This includes the ability to customize themes, font styles, and other visual elements according to the interface and individual preferences.

Translation Option

This APK also allows PC users to translate messages, captions, and comments. This in-built translation feature enhances the overall communication factor for users.

Photos and Videos in Max Quality

The photos or videos you will upload from your PC will be uploaded from your account in the highest resolution and much better quality.

Unfollowing Tracker

One of the most stand-out features of the web version is that it allows you to track who has discreetly unfollowed you. You can even view the list of those who unfollow you.

Ad-Free Experience

With this PC application, you will be provided with an ad-free experience. Unlike any other third-party application, you do not have to worry about advertisements popping up in the middle of your Insta experience.

In-App Browser

The updated PC version also allows you to visit any link opening up in another browser. You can easily switch between multiple accounts without changing links.

Pro Privacy

Privacy is an important tool for every third-party app. The updated version of this APK  takes a step ahead and provides you with privacy-protected features, unlike old InstaPro APK. You can also hide your stories, your activity, and your typing status in DM and much more.


Insta Pro for PC emerges as a valuable Instagram mod app for PC users, especially influencers and bloggers, who are looking for an enriched Instagram experience on larger screens. This app for PC offers additional premium benefits and customization options. This Pro application for PC also bridges the gap between the mobile and desktop Instagram experiences.

Users can use Instagram in a new way by downloading and exploring the features of this mod APK, which combines the simplicity of use of a desktop interface with the ease of a mobile app. With this PC version, you can fully utilize Instagram on your computer, whether you want to experience social media, are a content creator or just want to increase your followers’ engagement.

FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Search for an authentic, trusted, and reliable website since it for PC is a third-party application. You can download the app from our website download link on your PC.

Yes, it is 100% safe to download on a PC depending on the website you are downloading the app from.

Yes, this mod version offers this amazing feature that allows you to view who unfollows you.