InstaPro vs InstaPro 2, Which Instagram Mod is Superior?

Comparing two same-purpose social media apps can get confusing. The same goes while examining InstaPro versus InstaPro 2. The standard InstaPro app is the most popular modified version of Instagram, unlocking premium capabilities through an easy-to-understand interface. In the meantime, Instapro 2 offers upgraded features and more customization options for power users.

Both apps provide creative ways to connect and share life’s moments with a community. When selecting one between these two options from same developers, focus on critical factors: features, user experience, privacy controls, and compatibility.

So, If you’re debating which version to choose, stop questioning yourself; we thoroughly analyzed the latest updates of each platform. Let’s investigate the distinct features of each app to determine which is the best fit for your needs.

Insta Pro Benefits

This application unlocks a vast range of beneficial capabilities lacking in the official Instagram application. Here are some of its most prominent features and benefits:

Access to No-Crop Posts

The app allows uploading posts in any aspect ratio or dimensions without cropping the images or videos. This presents creative flexibility, which was absent in the original Instagram.

Save Content Without Watermarks

You can save posts, photos, videos, stories, and other content to your device storage without any Instagram watermarks. This no watermark content is useful for archiving or sharing downloadable content.

Hide Online/Last Seen Status

You can privately hide your online status and last seen status from other users for complete privacy control. It is great for inconspicuous social media activity.

Download Posts, IGTV, Reels

Furthermore, you can download any posts, IGTV videos, or reels to your phone minus watermarks. This makes the app excellent for offline viewing or sharing on other platforms.

Multiple Account Support

This APK allows you to switch between easily and access multiple Instagram accounts from the same app versus having to log out/log in repeatedly.

Insta Pro 2 Benefits

Building upon the traditional Pro APK, the newly updated Instagram 2 app introduces even more fantastic capabilities for an even better Instagram experience. Exclusive features of this upgraded applicationĀ  include:

Custom Status Overlays

You can add custom text, imagery, or animated overlays to your profile status stories for attention-grabbing personalization options lacking in regular Instagram status functions.

Access Exclusive Stickers

Take advantage of an expanded sticker inventory with creative, visually appealing options to make Stories and posts stand out.

Advanced Post Scheduling

Schedule unlimited posts ahead of time with greater precision vs standard IG scheduling functions. Useful for planned content marketing campaigns.

Auto Comment & Follow/Unfollow

Automate leaving custom comments on posts from profiles you follow or unfollow. Saves enormous amounts of time over the manual process.

Unlimited Highlights & Faster Export

Surpass default IG limits by creating endless highlights. Plus, export highlights far quicker than possible on official Instagram.

Direct Messaging From Any Connected Account

Smoothly transition between conversing via different Instagram accounts without disruptive login/logout hassles when switching.

Simplified Video Importing

You can seamlessly import and edit video from your phone’s camera roll to upload natively vs needing a workaround.

Comparison of Core Differences

While both these applications share several similar functionalities, there are some critical variations between the apps that Instagram users will notice. These fundamental differences include:

Storage Access for Downloaded Content

Insta 2 utilizes advanced file directories for saving downloaded content that is streamlined vs the storage access process in the standard InstaPro. This makes organizing and locating protected content more efficient.

Account Switching Process

Toggling between multiple Instagram accounts is faster and smoother in the updated Insta 2, with fewer interruptive popups during transitions. The multi-account function overall received noticeable improvements.

Ad Blocking Capabilities

Both versions provide an ad-free interface. However, ad-blocking technology and filters got upgraded in Insta2 to catch a higher percentage of invasive ads that detract from the user experience.

Editing Tools & Filters

A superior variety of editing features for images and videos are available in the upgraded version, enabling more customizable content optimization. Plus, more smoothening filter choices are available.

Automated Comment/Follow Preferences

The ability to auto-comment, auto-follow, or unfollow designated profiles is entirely new to InstaPro 2 – this automation functionality was utterly absent in the predecessor.

Highlight Exports vs Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited highlight creation capability makes Insta 2 APK superior for archiving fleeting stories content, whereas the original app highlight exports with watermark removal remain a distinct benefit.

Final Verdict

Meanwhile, InstaPro still delivers excellent core content accessibility and usability despite lacking some latest innovations. For social media marketers, influencers, or advanced users seeking to maximize their Instagram reach, we strongly recommend utilizing all the strategic advantages of InstaPro 2. In contrast, casual users may still benefit from Instagram and can upgrade later as their needs grow.

Although both apps empower significant creative control beyond the standard Instagram’s limitations, Insta 2 is unambiguously better for fully optimizing an Instagram presence with its enriched feature set building upon the original’s capabilities.

FAQ’s – Freaquently Asked Questions

It has custom profile status overlays, additional exclusive stickers, advanced scheduling for auto posting, auto comment/follow preferences, unlimited highlights creation, and upgraded editing tools.

Insta 2 has faster operational speed and loading times than the original, thanks to performance optimizations.

Yes, auto-commenting and automated following/unfollowing profiles are features available in the traditional Pro APK.